The Great History Write-Off 2017: January Edition

On Monday 9th January 2016, New History Lab are really excited to present the second Great History Write-Off!

What's that, then?

Do you have a thesis or dissertation to write, or even a long assignment? Inspired by the format of Thesis Bootcamp, The Great History Write-Off is a one-day intensive writing event aiming to help you make real progress. The idea is to help participants write more words in a day than they ever thought they could - we recommend setting a target of 5,000 words. We provide a quiet workspace and steady supplies of tea and coffee, cake and other snacks throughout the day - all you have to do is write!

The day is tightly structured. We kick off at 9.45am, with three 55-min writing sessions interspersed with 5-min breaks where you can nip to the bathroom or grab a snack. Then there’ll be an hour for lunch, after which we get back to it – three more writing sessions with short breaks in between. There will be rewards throughout the day as you reach various word-count milestones, and we’ll finish off by congratulating you all on your Write-Off achievement - there might even be a special something for the person who’s written the most!

Who is the GHWO aimed at?

The event is aimed at postgraduate students in the arts or humanities who are currently working on long essays, dissertations or theses. 

Do I need to do any preparation in advance of GHWO?

The day is supposed to be devoted to writing, not researching – so in order to get the most out of the event, we recommend you develop a detailed plan of the chapter or section you are planning to write on the day. Everyone knows that it’s so easy to distract yourself from actually writing by doing little corners of extra research or getting bogged down in formatting – don’t let yourself fall into that trap!

You will also need to bring a laptop with you to work on.

How do I sign up?

Register for the event by heading to Eventbrite. Registration closes at 9.30 on 6th January. Please bear in mind that spaces are limited, so don’t hang about!

I have questions!

Email and we’ll do our best to answer them!