Friday 27 February 2009

In 60 minutes the heavy tinted doors...

...of the New History Lab will swing open and the white coated ones will be at it again beating back the bounds of knowledge from the flame of learning in the temple of doom. Bunsens will be lit in readiness to the test tubes will be held up to the light just to show Professor King that we know what we know we know even though we're not scientists. Today, Siobhan Begley and Tim Davies will report on their PhD researches. Tim does drugs. Siobhan does gangs. So there should be lots to talk about - especially if specimens are offered.
So see you soon, Friday 27 February, usual place (1 Salisbury Rd), usual stuff (430 for tea and cake followed by trip to pub), and just a little bit of lab work squeezed between the lemon sponge. That'll do nicely.