Tuesday 17 March 2009

End of year: Dr Hunt and Dr Tompkins.

I hope you all enjoyed Friday's lecture. Big thanks to Tristram for coming up and speaking to us.
And so, the first year of the New History Lab is over. Not quite as an encore, but rather as some kind of a coda nonetheless, I present to you Dr Matt Tompkins' inaugural lecture. It all fits rather nicely, as he started off the very first New History Lab in October. It is a real coup for the History department to get one of these, and reflects the quality of Matt's scholarship. Entitled 'Headsilver: taxation, plague and population in a late medieval village', it will tell us some of the findings from thesis. You've already heard about Matt's experiences producing it. You've read the book: now see the film.
I do hope you can all make it. Rumour has it there is a complimentary glass or two of plonk afterwards. A free drink from the University? Yes, really! All the fun starts at 5:30pm on Wednesday in Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 3. A good chance to wear your wristbands again.
Remember that some mugs are available from Lucy Byrne in the ELH office, for a mere £5. What a bargain!
Finally, may I thank the speakers, bakers and attendees who made this such a fantastic opening season? I have never seen quite as much pink as I did on Friday, and chances are, I may not do again. The whole thing has gone swimmingly, and will return in the autumn: watch this space. But for now, thank you.