Saturday 10 October 2009

Did you know the New History Lab is expecting?

A big thank you from all the technicians – for a great first New History Lab of 2009/10. A brilliant turnout for four fab speakers! Thanks! I do hope to see you all on the 30th of October for a spot of Trouble – or why postmodernism is ruining research. More about that in due course.
It was a pleasure to appoint Siobhan Begley the first Distinguished Honorary Fellow to the New History Lab. Not only has Siobhan presented twice to the Lab, and written a very fine thesis, but she has also been a very good friend to the New History Lab, being one of our most ardent supporters.
Finally, if you'd like to come to come to the with CALF (& us?) event on Saturday, 24th October, please get in touch. I am really excited about the day – I think you'll find it very interesting and well worth your time. You'll use facebook and other technologies as research tools, and consider the future. What will historical research be in the future? How can we consider a history of the future? CALF are kindly providing catering for the event, but we do need a commitment so that we can cater and manage rooms. If you have questions, do get in touch, and to book a place, either attend the facebook event, or e-mail me at!