Thursday 15 October 2009

Here's a good 'un!

The Centre for Urban History, the Centre for English Local History, and the Institute of Historical Research have teamed up to put a programme on for PhD students, with some money from the AHRC. Landscape and Townscape: Methods and Sources for Urban, Regional and Local History, is a veritable feast over the coming year of research training. You'll master all sorts of different sources – from the archives to the built environment. They even have some field trips going from archives to built environments. There's a brilliant programme here – you'll add strings to your bow with GIS training and more. Have a look, but sign-up quickly if you want to take part. The prohibitive costs of getting to London at rush hour will even be met (providing you have a rail card, and East Midlands trains don't increase ticket prices by 91% overnight, which I can't rule out).

You'll recognize some names indeed! Richard Jones will be teaching you how to master GIS with ease! Simon Gunn is going to tell you whether or not Spaghetti Junction is in fact a dog's dinner of traffic management (that makes him sound the CUH's answer to Jeremy Clarkson, but that's not what it will be like). The prospect of a visit to Stamford with Roey, who led the original MA peregrination to Bath, which is the archetype, and certainly is responsible for this part of the NHL agenda.

Priority to PhD students, with MA students going on a waiting list. Spaces are filling up: don't delay – sign-up today. I've signed up for the lot! If you are going, remember to wear your history pride band with err, well, pride!