Saturday 7 November 2009

History last night, music this morning!

Good morning History Lab afficionados,

I say morning, its nearly quarter past 1 in the afternoon, however, I'm a student.
Anywho, I was pootling through the city centre this morning, dodging the legions of shoppers, after buying myself a shiny new ink cartridge for my printer (essay deadline on Monday), when I saw these guys:

Did anyone else see 'String Fever'? weren't they good? Its the first time I've ever stopped and applauded a busker, though I guess they were technically publicising seeing as they had cds and dvds on sale, but you know what I mean. Nonetheless, I feel highly cultured after last night's Lab-y retreats into the industrial elites, iron-age shiny things, and jews in sport, and this morning's brief history of music, good work all!