Wednesday 10 February 2010

Inaugural tonight

Not to distract from the mild hysteria building up ahead of Friday's Resilience workshop. Or from the euphoria as Marcel becomes a published rodent (you don't often see a hamster in annual report), but there's a further event to tickle you pink this evening. Dr Kimberley, a regular attendee of the New History Lab, is giving hers tonight on After 9/11: Representation in a Climate of Fear. If that's too modern, fear not, as the she's double-billed with Claire Strachan on Congregation and Community: Space, Architecture, and Identity in the South West Woollen Industry, c.1760-1860. What a treat.. Ken Edward's Lecture Theatre 3, 5:30pm. Usually last about an hour, and there's free booze after. Online check-in is open here. Officially one ought to register, and it'd be better if you did, but I am confident that the mere mention of the New History Lab will be more than enough to secure admittance.