Thursday 11 February 2010

The LGBT History Series (11) - Homosexuality and the Bible

We're going to get a bit contentious now, so hold on to your bonnets boys and girls!

Homosexuality and the Bible is a site dedicated to highlighting different cases of queer interaction that have gone unappreciated or unnoticed so far in and around the christian holy text. Considering the same source has been used for centuries to discriminate against and prejudge queer cultures, its also a lesson in how a historical source can be evaluated in a variety of different ways to come to different answers.

With topics ranging from 'Finding a Christian Gay Ethic' to 'the harmful lies and deceptive claims of the ex-gay movement', as well as referencing characters, places and themes within the Bible, like Jonathon and David, and revisiting Sodom; and especially interesting 'Jesus and his Beloved Disciple' the site is a refreshingly pro-gay, christian stream of opinion, interpretation and knowledge.

Hooray for cheerful pro-gay religious people.