Friday 5 February 2010

The LGBT History Series (5) - Lesbian Pirates

Anne Bonney and Mary Read were lovers and pirates who sailed the high seas in the early 18th century, Bonney also had relations with the notorious pirate, Calico Jack. One story told about the pair is that after boarding and looting a ship that included a trunk of fancy dresses, their crew (of men) could not resist a most absurd costume dance in celebration. On the horizon appeared another ship worthy of attack. Anne had her cross-dressed men arrange themselves about the ship like corpses. Anne took her next prize without resistance, as she was perceived as not a pirate but a ghost ship.
Of their deaths, not much is known. It is believed that Mary died in prison of pneumonia, but Anne escaped only to be hanged with a group of fanatical nuns over whom she held sway. Anne is reported to have quipped during the final fray of their capture, "Dogs! If instead of these weaklings I only had some women with me!" It is doubtful she meant to be ironic.

There are
le resources for Bonney and Read, and Calico Jack, so I'm going to commit historical suicide and refer anyone who's interested in learning more to the wikipedia entry :O