Thursday 25 February 2010

Queer Histories

Ladyfeatures and Gentlefolk,

As you're no doubt aware after being pummeled from every direction by such an aggressive marketing strategy, tomorrow (Friday 26th Feb) we have our much anticipated 'Queer Histories' seminar.

The event, organised to coincide with LGBT History Month, will go something like this:

4:15pm: New History Lab committee members will be poised and ready with teapots full and cake slices to hand
5:00pm: Guest speakers, Dr David Clark and Dr Holly Furneaux will present their papers ('Between Medieval Men: Male Friendship and Desire in Early Medieval English Literature' and 'Queer Dickens: Erotics, Families, Masculinities' respectively) with energy, yet heartfelt sincerity.
5:40pm-ish: Dr David Clark and Dr Holly Furneaux will buckle from the awesome might and terror of your well-thought-out questions.
6:00pm-ish: everyone (not compulsory) heads to the pub (The Marquis of Wellington), then staggers back to wherever they came from.

For those who're not familiar with our location, here is a map, we're on the left, in 1 Salisbury Road.

See you tomorrow, Mark