Monday 15 March 2010

In our lab

Well I hope you enjoyed Friday. What an occasion! Some thanks need to be given, first of all. To the wonderful music provided by Pete Allen, to the various bakers, the ticket inspectors, and many others. And of course to Lord Bragg for entertaining and informing us in his customary style. We'll have the Labcast up as soon as possible. In the meantime, why not read this piece from the Mercury
about the event? It was on page two of Saturday's print edition.

Who could follow Mel B? I hear you ask. Only James Patterson, is the answer. This Friday, 19th March at 4:30pm (refreshments) for a 5:00pm start, a film screening of some treats from the British Transport Film Unit. Looking at utility, at their history and accession (James was responsible for this when he was a curator at the BFI), and enjoying them too! Popcorn and soda provided in this warm up to...
Sunday, 21st March. Take a bus to Peterborough, and then ride around on steam trains, with tea and cake, and the opportunity to get off and have a meander around Peterborough, go for lunch and view it's beautiful Cathedral. Steam and Gothic. What more do you want? Doing history with your hands. History what you can smell, what you can touch. To book your place on this, please give £10 to Lucy Byrne ( sharpish – spaces are filling rapidly. Final programme available tomorrow, so I won't bother you with the draft now.