Friday 5 November 2010

Call For Papers: History Idol –Leicester’s Got Talent!

In a quest to hear more about all the top class research going on at Leicester we’re launching our first ever New History Lab competition…OooOOooh!
Our ‘Speed Researching’ session showed us that’s there’s loads of great stuff going on amongst the post-grad community and we want to dedicate a whole lab session next semester to *Shiny New Research*.
But we can’t decide who to invite, so we’re going to let you do it!
If you are interested in sharing your work with the Lab next semester:
1) Please send us a 100 word abstract for a 15min presentation on any aspect of your research. Include, your topic area, why you’re interested in it, and your approach to the subject.
2) Give it an attention grabbing title –make us want to hear it!
3) We’ll gather them all in and then post the titles anonymously on the blog on the 26th November. We’ll all then have two weeks to vote on our favourite title on the New History Lab blog. The winners will be announced on the 9th December (the last Lab before Christmas).
To inspire you here’s a brief list of fabulous titles for papers I’ve heard recently:
‘Did I say Hairdressing? I Meant Astrophysics’: The 1970s as a turning point for women’s employment in science and technology
Totally Teapots: The Material Culture of Novelty Teapot Collecting
The price is right but the moments are sticky: Television, quiz and game shows, and popular culture
Gonna Rock Around the Clock (Tower) Tonight: Leicester, Sensuality and the Swinging Sixties
…fabulous examples of titles that make you want to hear more…Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with…Good luck!
Send your abstracts to Gill:
New History Lab, 9 out of 10 cats agree it’s a wholly democratic organisation ;)