Wednesday 3 November 2010

Let's Go To San Fran Leicester

Young! and ALive! and Boppin! in LEICESTER IN THE 60s Tue 18:28 Dear LABBERS don’t just ask your parents - find out for yourselves what it was what it was like to be young and alive and boppin to the high school hop in Leicester in the Sixties. Just what exactly was a 'dance hall'? Why did Rock and Rollers wear 'drapes'? Surely you're not going to get on that thing in your best Hepworth's suit? But why was Hepworth's best? How did Mods dance? How much could you earn a working at Corah's and did you need a degree to earn it? Who did 'drugs' and how much did they do? Who did 'free love' and how much did they do? Were The Beatles better than The Stones? Were they both better than Herman's Hermits? Who played Leicester and where?

And on and on and on.

All these and more on a postcard please to NEW HISTORY LAB, Friday 430 pm @ 1 Salisbury Road.

Bring your questions and your memories.

And cakes.