Monday 28 February 2011

Mad Men

The screening two episodes of of Mad Men is on Wednesday March 2 at Salisbury Road and the New History Lab session about Mad Men is on Friday 4 March usual time and venue. I'm really looking forward to it-it will be two great sessions.

For those of you who haven't been watching the series-the story of Mad Men is based round an New York advertising agency in the late fifties and sixties. the first season was set 1959-1960 and by the last season we were in 1965. The name Mad Men is a bit deceptive -Mad is short for Madison Avenue although the implications of the usual meaning of mad does have a resonance. The characters are well drawn and compelling and the series gives a myriad of interesting insights into American society at that time -where it had come from and where it was going.

One blurb has described it thus 'with its swirling cigarette smoke, martini lunches, skinny ties and tight pencil skirts, Mad Men is undoubtedly one of the most stylish, sexy and irresistible shows on television. But the series becomes even more absorbing once you dig deeper into its portrayal of the changing social mores of 1960and how these bear on the world of the Stirling Cooper ad agency'

Dont worry if you haven't been watching it on TV. Come to the screening on Wednesday at Salisbury Road. You'll enjoy it or if you don't you'll certainly find plenty think and talk about. See you there.