Wednesday 30 March 2011

More on Intangible History, Briefly

On Monday night I attended a lecture at the Royal Academy of Arts led by members of the OMA architecture firm, who discussed Cronocaos, their 2010 submission to the Venice Biennale. In essence, Cronocaos has taken a look at the 21st century obsession with preservation and destruction and the intersection with time and history. There was a bunch more to the lecture and whole discussion was right up my alley, but I was reminded of the Attic Lab of several weeks ago, when, in their discussion, the two members of OMA, brought up that UNESCO is safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. Interestingly, their list does not include anything from the UK or the US – surely, some of the things we sourced for the lab would fit into this category. (I, for one, am completely behind the nomination for preserving the French Gastronomic meal, delicious!)

Additionally, Christopher Woodward, director of the Garden Museum, spoke briefly about a three hour long recording of Nelson Mandela during his 1964 trial, which had recently been found and restored. Perhaps if we wanted to expand our look, we could have Colin discuss the oral history of Leicester, like this video on the Leicester market.While I did thoroughly enjoy the Leicester Pageant materials, I still think my vote would be for the monorail.