Monday 17 October 2011

DON'T MISS IT!-Friday 21 October. New History Lab Session. Big Brother? How China matters in your world.

I know everyone is looking forward to hearing Toby Lincoln's talk about China on Friday 21 October at the New History Lab.

Toby has sent the following synopsis to whet your appetite. He writes:

'My talk interrogates the idea of China's rise. Increasingly over the last decade China has been seen as the superpower of the 21st century. I explain how this is more of a re-emergence than a rise, and attempt to get beneath the surface of some of the rhetoric and mind-blowing statistics. I will briefly highlight several problems in Chinese economics, politics and society. In doing so I will argue that almost everything in China is far more complicated than it appears, but to truly understand the workings of the modern world, it is now impossible to ignore this fascinating country'

Dont miss it. See you all on Friday at 1, Salisbury Road at 4.30pm for tea and cake,5.00pm for Toby's talk and after that in the Marquis Wellington.