Wednesday 11 April 2012

But why is the cake gone?

And so another term comes to an end for the New History Lab.

It's been a cracking few months, starting all the way back in early February and rip-roaring through the weeks with barely a moment to catch a breath. We've been taken across from globe, from North America to mainland Europe, and back to Blighty in between. Top speakers and terrific organisations, both from within the University and without, have helped to put on shows that have perfectly demonstrated the commitment of the Lab to the challenges of modern historical scholarship. History coming alive is a terrible cliché, and our very own Prof. Colls once told me to avoid clichés like the plague, so I'll hold my tongue/typing fingers.

So many people to thank for this great term. There's the committee, the School, the University, the great guests we've had, you all for coming and making our Labs worthwhile, and to those who have contributed in the most important way possible - the bringing of cake, without which we'd just be another seminar series...and who, pray tell, would want that?

We'll be back in the new academic year with more tea, cake, and a generous dollop of history, and with a few new surprises along the way.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed, and on this blog for future updates. But, for now, on behalf of the committee, I wish you a restful and prosperous summer, and best of luck to all those with exams. For those who will be leaving the University, remember that you'll always be welcome back at the Lab if you find yourself looking for a history fix.

For the rest - see you in October.