Friday 14 February 2014

Postgraduate Conference Call For Papers

Dear History postgraduates,
The School of History is backing a conference run by postgraduates, for postgraduates, to allow you to present your work in front of a friendly and constructive audience. The invitation is open to any MA, MRes, MPhil and PhD students registered in the School and its research centres.
The conference presents you with a great opportunity. Delivering a paper here will allow you to develop your ability to do so in a supportive atmosphere. It will also allow you to both focus and receive feedback on your research and dissertation work, from postgraduates and academics that you already know. Additionally the skill of presenting your work at a conference is highly valued by employers, academics or otherwise.
The conference is set to take place on Tuesday 20th May 2014, and as a speaker you will be required to present for either 10 or 20 minutes, including some time for questions from the audience.  A buffet will be provided on the day, though if people could bring home-made cake that would be very much appreciated. A booklet will be provided detailing the timing of talks, and containing the abstracts of those papers being given. The information will also be made available on Blackboard, the School of History’s websiteFacebook and Twitter. This will allow you broadcast your involvement to potential employers and universities. Equally, the online material will also provide tips on how to write an abstract, present confidently, and use PowerPoint.
To give a paper at this event, please send a quick email to Katy Roscoe ( to indicate that you are interested by Friday 14th March. You will then be asked to send a title and 200-250 word abstract to the same email by Friday 25th April. The conference will be split into thematic sections and will be chaired by students. If you are interested in chairing then please mention this when emailing.
For general enquiries about the conference, contact  any of the organisers listed below. Additionally, if people have disability or dietary needs please indicate this when you email. If you are only able to present at a certain time of day, please let us know in the email and we can try and accommodate you.
We look forward to your responses.
Many thanks,
The organisers
Joe Harley   (
Emma Purcell (
Katy Roscoe (
Ann Stones (