Monday 17 November 2014

New History Lab Podcast

Reading.  It's a difficult task at the best of times and for the most part demands your complete attention.  What if you could hear us though?  What if, through the cutting edge technology of audio recording, you could instead listen to us pontificate on a variety of matters historical?  Well now you can in the our new Podcast!

In this episode Sam Grinsell (chair), Matthew Wale, Nicola Blacklaws and Dan Porter discuss The History Manifesto:

History Manifesto Podcast 

You can read 'The History Manifesto' itself here

Other texts that we mention include (in order of reference):

Kuhn, T. S. (2012)  The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (4th Ed.)

Hexter, J. H. (1972) The History Primer

Zeldin, T. (1994) An Intimate History of Humanity

Darnton, R. (1984) The Great Cat massacre and Other Episodes in French Cultural History
Please let us know what you think of the content and the podcast itself.  As always we're looking for ideas for subjects to discuss and panel members to take part.  Leave your comments on our discussions below and feel free to drop by our Facebook group with ideas and suggestions.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!