Tuesday 3 November 2009


Is anyone out there watching Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain? I cant bear to think how much it must cost to make this tired old stuff. I bet it comes to more than keeping the whole School going for three months. I certainly KNOW that it will have a bigger budget than NEW HISTORY LAB because NEW HISTORY LAB doesnt have a budget at all. And consider what you get from Marr. Nice pictures underlined by historical cliches punched home by a view of the past dominated by Marr's view of the present. he's abright chap so why does he do this stuff? What can be the fun of saying what everybody else has said only saying it with punch? And consider what you got blast week from NEW HISTORY LAB. Gavin Kitching, a professor at the top of his game, making an entirely original pitch to an audience who were taking in every word - and even had the chance to take him on at the end of it.

Come on, boys and gals! Let's hear it for universities! And come on BBC! dare saying something original for once (and not with a celebrity saying it!)