Monday 2 November 2009

Clinic Session 20th November

I hope you are enjoying the Lab’s seminar series this term and hearing from all our fantastic speakers. Now it is your chance to be involved. As you may have seen on our posters, the Lab on the 20th November is called ‘Clinic’. This is your opportunity to bring your research problems and questions to the Lab and get advice from staff and fellow students. For example,
· Are you having trouble finding sources?
· Baffled by a theoretical quandary?
· Or maybe looking for advice on managing your time
We’d love to hear from postgraduates at all stages of their research, MA and PhD students, but as you know everyone is welcome at the Lab and anyone is welcome to put forward a question.
At the New History Lab we have always tried to provide a friendly and approachable place for postgrads to meet and discuss research and we hope that this seminar will allow Labbers to be involved and shape a Lab session.
If you would like to be involved and put forward a question or problem please email me ( Also feel free to submit questions via Twitter, Facebook and this blog.
I hope to hear from you soon.