Wednesday 17 February 2010

All Aboard!

The New History Lab is becoming, accidentally, rather obsessed with trains. But even for us bright pink anoraks, a bit much. Google Russia has uploaded all of the Trans Siberian. Watch a video of a train journey, look at items on the maps, and listen to an audio track of books in Russian or train wheels. The point of this exercise seriously eludes me. The Moscow video has already 'been removed by the user'. At a push, it might do for Marcel's holiday. The Guardian, of course, loves it.

On Sunday, 21st March, with the New History Lab you can do much, much better this. We'll be going on a steam train, with more details coming very soon. And on the Friday evening (19th March) a very special bonus New History Lab: James Patterson from MACE is going to show some gems from the British Transport Film Unit. When running things at the BFI James acquired these, so he knows about this. And we are promised my favourite: 'The Elizabethan Express'. Clear your diaries at once!
Finally, don't forget to apply for your tickets for the Mystery Guest. All existing Labbers have been emailed application forms today.