Thursday 18 February 2010

The LGBT History Series (18) - The Wolfenden Report

The Wolfenden Report was a piece of British government legislation, published in 1957, suggesting that consenting homosexual practice between two adults, in private should not be illegal.

The report was put together after a succession of high-profile men were convicted of homosexual offences, including Peter Wildeblood, one of the first people in the public eye to admit to being homosexual.

The BBC reported that after 3 years in session, the committee had come to the conclusion that outlawing homosexuality impinged on civil liberties, and that private matters, 'moral or immoral' are not the laws business. The closing comments in the report made it clear that the committee was neither condoning nor condemning homosexuality

A highly entertaining dramatisation of the scandal that led to the Wolfenden Report can be watched on 4oD at this link: A Very British Sex Scandal