Friday 12 February 2010

The LGBT History Series (12) - Adolf Brand

Adolf Brand (1874-1945) was a german anarchist and campaigner, an early advocate of bisexuality and homosexuality, and producer of the first homosexual periodical, 'Der Eigene', started in 1896.

Brand was influenced by ideas of individualism and self-ownership and the revival of Ancient Greek pederasty as a cultural model for modern homosexuality.

In 1899, Brand published an anthology of homoerotic literature and in 1903, formed the 'Gemeinschaft der Eigenen' organisation (roughly translated as 'the community of the self'), which fore-fronted ideas like male-male love being an aspect of all masculinities, rather than a gay being a specific type of person.

Brand was famous at the time for 'outing' politicians who practised homosexuality whilst preaching anti-homosexuality, most notably in 1907 that the German Chancellor, von Bulow had a long-standing relationship with Privy Councillor Scheefer.

Adolf Brand had to give up homosexual activism in the 1930s after harrassment from the Nazis, who silenced 'Der Eigene', destroyed his lifes works, and left him in financial ruin, as well as razing the Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft.

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