Friday 12 February 2010

Science Museum Junior Research Fellowships

From Sally Horrocks.
Bursary £1,000 a month

This is an exciting opportunity to carry out research on the unparalleled collections of the Science Museum, London. To mark the centenary of its founding as an independent museum in 1909, the Science Museum is offering two (2)
junior research fellowships to enable postgraduate students explore the riches of its scientific, technological and medical collections and the Science Museum Library.

The Science Museum has the largest and most significant collections relating to science, technology and medicine. With over 300,000 objects in its care, the Science Museum has particular strengths in the history of western science, technology and medicine since 1700. This collection is supported by the books, journals and archives which are available in the Science Museum Library.

The Science Museum's research programme has the aim of promoting scholarly research which furthers our understanding of the development of science and technology. The museum is not constrained by disciplinary boundaries and welcomes applications from students from any appropriate subject areas. Applicants are at liberty to propose any theme which sheds light on the Science Museum's collections. The precise topic will be chosen by the Science Museum in order to make the best use of the Science Museum's collections while taking into account the
successful candidate's educational background, interests and strengths.

The bursary for this Junior Research Fellowship is £1,000 per month for up to three months and is intended to cover travel to and from the museum and living expenses. There will be very limited funds available to cover exceptional research costs, agreed in advance.

The exact timing of the fellowship will be by arrangement, but will take place between July 2010 and March 2011.

Applicants should send their curriculum vitae, which should show the candidate's education, qualifications and any publications, with a covering letter, which should give a brief explanation of how this fellowship would advance your academic development and why you wish to carry out research on the Science Museum's collections, preferably by email. Please supply the names and addresses of two academic referees. Applicants should send a copy of their application to their chosen referees before submission, asking their referees to comment on their suitability for this Junior Research Fellowship. They should ask their referees to send their references in confidence directly to the address below
– preferably by email
– by Friday 19th March 2010. As there will not be a formal interview, applicants should ensure that they provide all the information needed to make a decision.

The deadline for applications is Friday 12th March 2010.
They should be sent to or to:

Dr Peter J T Morris

Head of Research

Science Museum

London SW7 2DD

All candidates will be informed by email if they have been successful by the end of April 2010. Please ensure you include a current email address with your application.
If you have any queries (or need any additional information) please contact Peter Morris.

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