Tuesday 12 October 2010

‘From me to you’ –Speed Researching for geeks!

Skills, skills, skills that’s what our next Lab (22.10.10) is all about.
We’ve all heard that we need to develop our ‘research skills’, ‘communication skills’, and most mystical of all develop ‘transferable skills’. Regardless of what these things may, or may not, mean we reckon being able to talk with confidence to people about your research is a pretty good place to start, so that’s why we’re all going Speed Researching!
Being able to talk about your research topic clearly and concisely is extremely valuable, especially when you’re out and about and conferences and such. Being able to do so within a couple of minutes can be more difficult than it may first appear. How do you condense down the complex mix of influences within your project into a sentence? Convey why it’s important and exciting without taking half an hour about it? By practicing these techniques in the friendly, tea-and-cake-filled environment of the History Lab, we’re all going to learn how to perfect this art.
We’re going to do this by using a Speed Dating model. Everyone will have a Speed Researcher number and three minutes to convince the person opposite them that your research is the cats-pyjamas. After three minutes you’ll switch roles and mark your partner out of 10...There will be a spangly History Lab prize at the end for the smooth-talker with the most points!
Everyone is welcome, whether you're just starting out or finishing up your research. You can talk about a past, present, or future project, we don’t mind.
Thanks to all those who have already signed up, we’d like to get as many people as possible numbered-up before the event, so if you’d like to come along, give me a shout at: gem10@le.ac.uk
Speed Researching -what's the worst that could happen!!