Tuesday 12 October 2010

NEW HISTORY LAB gets off to great start!

NEW HISTORY LAB got off to a great start last Friday evening when over 40 technicians turned out to find out 'How to get an MA or PhD'.

Successful students told all. Tessa started with study comparisons of doing your MA in Leicester and Berlin. Among a load of tips and strategies, Tessa's main message was to stay happy (or if you can't do 'happy', stay sane). Robbie from Loughborough via Belgium, who is in the middle of a PhD, told a similar story of staying sane by keeping control over what you do and what you intend to do, by constantly assessing your research programme. Alun, who completed his PhD this year, explained the highs and lows of long distance research - especially the lows. He also offered useful advice on surviving your viva. Finally, Emma inspired the LAB with news that there is life after Leicester University. She showed the LAB where to look and how to think ahead for jobs and opportunities. The questions that followed from the packed room were very sharp and to the point. I particularly liked 'the last thing before you go to sleep' advice, and the question from Stella on how do you find your own writing 'voice'?

Over to you LABBERS, for further accounts of this extremely valuable laboratory. I learnt more here than a day's official 'training'.

And thanks above all to GAVIN FREEMAN for organizing everything.

The LAB started as usual with scrumptious home baked cakes from Emma (ginger), Gavin (pink fairiy), and Rob (lemon drizzle) - all guzzled down with tea from a big pot that Gill kept hot and fresh.

At the beginning there was a presentation and eulogy to those who had worked so hard over the past two years to make the LAB such a success: Lady Robyn Cooper, Sir Matt Neale, and Professor Noble FOBS. They all bowed and smiled graciously.

Now we all look forward to Friady 22 October and Speed Researching for Geeks. Count me in!