Thursday 9 December 2010

History Idol: Leicester's Got Talent - Voting Over!

That's it! Pen's down! There will be no recount - even if you might have seen a rather shifty looking woman passing me a fat brown envelope down a dark alley. By the magic of maths we've tallied up the votes, and the winners (or losers - depending on their viewpoint), and those who will be giving a talk as part of their prize are as follows:

Miriam Cady - "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not an escalator!": Trekkies and thier use of material culture in the negotiation of their identities

Ann Stones - Estate Mentalities: New Parks v Braunstone, home or away?

Maureen Harris - The 'debauched and scandalous' parson and the 'wit-already-expired rogue': cutting the Anglican minister down to size in the Warwickshire parish, 1660-1720

Congratulations everyone - now get practising!

P.S. I'm not bitter that I came last. Not bitter at all. Oh no.