Saturday 18 December 2010

Our Man at the CCT: Twitter Networking (4)

Sorry for the long wait for this latest in the series guys, things have been hectic at Casa del Marco!

A lot of people have asked me (and I've told a lot of people who probably didn't care) about using twitter for work. For me, twitter is a great way of making acquaintances, formal or informal; and keeping up with the wider world, especially if you're working from home, or even on the internet out of work hours. For work, its a useful research tool, and very handy for getting a personal line to celebs and important people when an email would get overlooked.

Now admittedly, I'm verging on the definition of 'techno-nerd', but twitter really is very easy to use - if you've managed to find your way on to a blog you'll have no issues.
If you're a Leicester student, its definitely worth talking to Emma and Terese (@lamilonguera and @tbirdcymru) who put on brilliant workshops involving technology and research at the university library (@UoLDWL).

One of the great aspects of twitter is that once you've decided how you want to use it, can be developed and added to, to suit your personal style.
To take the New History Lab as an example, there's a big pink box right there ---> that links the blog to the twitter feed. The NHL has also set up an automatic service so that our twitter account sends a tweet every time the blog is updated.
If you'd rather an example from the CCT website, there will very soon be a lovely big link at the bottom that links the website to the CEO's tweets.
In my own personal use, Mozilla Firefox makes it very easy to add applications like 'echofon' to your browser window so that you can get updates without opening a new webpage. More visual programmes like 'twitterfall' and 'tweetdeck' are also good ways of presenting twitter info in easy-to-process formats.

Some people like to have one formal twitter account and one informal - so that you can rhapsodise about how beautiful Jack is in 'Pillars of the Earth' without getting in the way of saying clever things about heritage documents ... I've decided not to...

My favourite Conservation, Heritage and Buildings tweeters (including individuals and institutions) are:
@NemesisRepublic, @NerysW, @Heritage_NGOs, @cbalondon, @TheVivatTrust, @thevicsoc, @AliceKershaw, @hugoinggone, @HeritageAction, @Pastpreservers, @BrookingTrust, @SnobsKnobs, @MaryRose500, the magnificent @Amanda_Vickery, @DrFrond, @HeritageColl, @HeritageBritain, @heritagelottery, @JonathanFoyle of climbing great buildings fame, @lucyinglis, @bletchleypark, @doorsopendays, @SPAB1877, @Kevin_McCloud (<3), href="">@TomDyckhoff, @GEFFRYE, @IHBCtweet, my future wife @sarahbeeny, @EHArchaeology, @conservengineer, @CHRuins (Our very own Miriam), @HouseHistorian, @Projectbook who said nice things about my last 'Our Man at the CCT' post :D, @HornimanMuseum, @Wallstroker, @RuthWatsonTV, and our sibling bloggers @Attic_MS from Museum Studies, Leicester.

We are @NewHistoryLab, and I'm @thelostmark* :)
Now, who's for a snowball fight?

*(Now I'm @thehistoryb0y) :)