Monday 3 October 2011

Autumn 2011 Programme!

It's finally arrived, despite Mother Nature's best attempts to sprinkle the sky with a bit of uncharacteristic early-October sunshine. I can see leaves of golden shades fluttering slowly to the ground outside my window, Squirrel Nutkin has been spotted collecting acorns, the last cricketer has left the crease, and Tesco's has started to sell Halloween bits-and-bobs. This can mean only one thing: Autumn is upon us. But before you let those post-Summer blues set in or turn to the drink, remember - it's also the new season of the New History Lab! Click your mittened-hands onto this little linky and bask in the warm glow of a history-packed semester! From expert commentary on China, to a Bronte excursion - as well as the usuals of tea, cake, and pub - it's simply not to be missed.

The first meeting will be this coming Friday, 7th October, and is a return of the ever-popular How On EARTH Did They Survive an MA or PhD!? More information on speakers to come soon...